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E-commerce SEO Services India
E-commerce SEO is all about making sure that your website's pages are on the first page of organic results. Are you confused? Let's examine some statistics. 44% of consumers begin their online shopping experience by using the aid of a Google search. 37.5 percent of all traffic to online stores originates via search engines. Furthermore, 23.6% of E-commerce orders are directly linked with organic search traffic. Optimizing your online store is crucial to boost sales. Although it sounds like a dream but it's a lot more difficult to get accomplished. You can't do that without the assistance of a trustworthy E-commerce SEO agency.

E-commerce SEO Service by G Tech Web Marketing
Website Audit
We conduct a thorough website analysis to pinpoint your weak points and great opportunities you're not taking advantage of.

Customer Research
We conduct competitor analysis to discover the issues of your intended public. This brainstorming technique aids us in determining the most effective keywords to get most effective results.

Keyword Research
The keywords we focus on will set the whole game plan in motion. These keywords improve our chances of reaching the top 10 positions in the rankings.

Site Structure
The architecture of a website is the foundation for a solid SEO strategy. We concentrate on speed, mobile-friendlyness tags, backlinks, breadcrumbs, meta descriptions, robots.txt as well as URLs.

On-Page and Off-Page
Through our optimization of the on-page pages your store will turn into a an effective sales tool. Additionally, off-page actions with a well-planned content marketing strategies will help us with SEO efforts.

Link Building
We help you build and get hyperlinks from outside to your website using our PR expertise and copywriting methods that improve your current site and increase the search results of your site.

Conversion Optimization
Traffic and rankings won't earn you millions. We provide you with insight and information to convert these visitors into customers.

Sales Funnel Optimization
We are constantly tweaking the SEO as well as marketing strategies to decrease cart abandonment, increase the user experience, and boost the number of customers we can acquire.

Reports and Analytics
We employ advanced analytics techniques to know where we stand and how we can accomplish more. As we mentioned, we prefer to keep things transparent and report analysis helps us in this regard.

E-Commerce SEO That Increases Traffic & Orders for Online Businesses
One of the most efficient methods of driving traffic to websites, SEO helps your online company increase its revenues and increase your growth. With our SEO solutions for E-commerce sites Your website will be ranked higher in results of searches for the keywords the people you want to reach use. The more important terms you can successfully target, the better competent customers will be able to click on your offerings, and as the result, you'll witness an increase in revenue and conversions.

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