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What is CRM Software ?

CRM is acronym that means Customer Relationship Management Software. This CRM can be of two types Offline/ Online.

Use of CRM Software?

CRM is being used strategically by companies to handle customerís interactions, customerís information, reward program me, and customize shopping offers to regular customers to feel as if something is honored to them. The store registers the customer with a mobile number using crm integration and send offers to them on registered mobile numbers, and even timely update about the reward points carried by them. This Management of customer also carries the profile of customer and the relationship history along with the benefits being rewarded by the company to the individual.

We at G Tech has already developed the CRM Solutions for companies working and using this online and enjoying the benefits of it. CRM is a tool which reduces the manual tasks and helps in minimizing the loss of any schedules and renewals. Implementation of CRM helps the company to grow in real manner.

For customize requirement feel free to call our sales number or mail us with your specific requirement.